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Abstract Art For Sale - Large Abstract Modern Paintings

Browse our collection of large contemporary abstract art for sale by Jaison Cianelli. Each stunning modern abstract art is inspired by the beauty of nature, energy, and light.  These unique mixed media abstract paintings exhibit an illusionary style of moving layers, transparent colors, and bold textured forms that create a timeless composition glowing with life.  Cianelli’s large abstract wall art canvas prints elevate an interior, transforming the look and feel of a space with lively energy and contemporary appeal.

Cianelli’s collection of abstract modern paintings are for sale in many wall art print options.  The most popular choice is large unframed gallery wrapped canvas art for a modern contemporary look.  Oversized canvas art includes options for gloss varnish, epoxy coating, split canvas sets, and even hand embellishment with 3D artistic knife texture. More wall art print options include bushed metal, wood, fine art paper, acrylic, wall murals, and more.

About My Abstract Art

I create abstract art that conveys energy and passion using the subtle reminders and timelessness of nature. I enjoy the manipulation of the recognizable to create something beautiful and unique. My work is composed of mixed media images that are layered digitally through creative and intuitive exploration. I invite you the viewer to explore and connect with my art at an emotional level.  Observe the textural shapes, subtle transparent layers, flowing movement, and balance of composition. Please feel free to reach out and connect with me if you like my abstract artwork or have any questions.

4 Abstract Art Themes

  • Bold Textural Forms – The boldness of textures and shapes, or colors that pop.
  • Floral Botanical – The life and energy of vibrant flowers, trees, and floral patterns.
  • Land Sea Sky – Free expression of the natural landscape such as a sunrise, waterscape, or sky.
  • Soothing Fluid Energy – Soothing energy with fluid forms and flowing and blended colors.
Jaison Cianelli - Large Abstract Painting - A Heart So Big

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